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4th of July Sangria

Interested in making a Red, White, & Blue Sangria to celebrate the 4th of July!? This recipe is not only easy to make but also very fruity and fresh and will get you ready to celebrate the 4th! The secret to making this recipe extra festive is making the ice cubes blue and infused with fruit!


What you will need for this sangria is:

White White

White Cranberry Juice


Strawberries, Berries, & Cranberries

Crystal Light Liquid


Ice Tray


Glasses for your Sangria

Let’s Get Started!

  • Get a small container and fill it with water. Add the blue liquid to the water and stir. I added about 4-5 drops. You can add more to your water to get the color that you like. Don’t be afraid to add more color because the color will lighten up as the water freezes. IMG_5400
  • Next, Pour the blue water half way into the ice trays.
  • Add your berries, strawberries, and blueberries into the ice tray and fill the rest with the blue water. IMG_5405
  • Then, place in the freezer and allow to freeze.
  • Now, the Sangria!!
  • Add your additional fruit that your using into the pitcher.
  • Pour your wine into the pitcher. We used: IMG_5432
  • Next, add the white cranberry juice. I added 1 cup into the pitcher.
  • Squeeze half a lemon into the sangria and mix.
  • Take the ice out of the freezer.IMG_5415
  • Add the ice into the wine glasses. (next time I know now to add more crystal light liquid into the water.)IMG_5422
  • Pour the mixed sangria into your glass.IMG_5424
  • ENJOY!!

Happy 4th of July!!!