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Autism Acceptance and Awareness Month

Autism Awareness & Acceptance month is a great opportunity in educate the world about Autism including both adults and children. As you may have read in previous posts (see below) I go BIG for Autism Awareness month! This year I decided to focus on making materials that other teachers can use with their classes to educate their students on Autism and start a conversation about it. These activities are developed for Kindergarten through 8th grade. I adapted the activities to go along with state standards, for example research. To download any of these activities simply click on the link or picture and it will take you to our TPT store!

I love having students be educated on Autism and other disabilities because it makes SUCH a big difference. When we had our Disability Awareness display in the library in January, it was amazing to see the difference in kids. We had a guest speaker and did other school wide activities and guess what? After we did all this…..students started to wave more in the hallways and ask questions! They now understood why students used certain things like headphones and why they may have certain movements. I think they simply did not understand why students wear headphones or why they are in wheelchairs? Once they were EDUCATED, they ACCEPTED and wanted to make a new friend!

One of my favorite activities is the one below. Every year I pass out puzzle pieces to every class. Each student in the school gets one puzzle piece. The puzzle pieces say “I am unique because…”. Student then decorate it and post it in the hallway next to the lightbulb. I love that this brings the whole school together and acknowledges that EVERYONE is different and unique. It is a cool activity and to see at the end!

Get the Light It Up Blue Puzzle Activity here

Below are activities that I developed for classroom teachers. The two below are both research booklets, papers and posters. They both include a list of famous people diagnosed with Autism. I included some newer positive influencers like a performer on American Idol and the creator of Pokemon! Students get really excited! It is a really fun activity and way to educate about Autism.

Get the Autism Research Paper & Poster here

Get the Autism Awareness Activities for Kindergarten here

Get the Autism Research Booklet here

My kindergarten activities were developed to have students learn the words like Autism, blue, can, etc. I wanted students to learn that people diagnosed with Autism CAN do things and are relatable to them. I want them to learn that kids diagnosed with Autism are the same and can be friends and play! I think there is a huge lack of information for students and educating and accepting needs to start at a young age!

Autism Awareness Activities for Kindergarten here

Below are some more ideas for Autism Awareness and Acceptance month that we have posted in the past! Check them out! We also posted some very helpful links about Autism that you can use in your classroom! 🙂


Activities for Autism Awareness Month

Month of Kindness & Day of Acceptance

Informative Video Links on Autism:

Sesame Street & Autism

Sesame Street included videos about kids with Autism and even created a character who is diagnosed with Autism! The videos are great to show kids to help them better understand Autism. I really like the videos that ask kids with Autism and not what their favorite things to do are and foods. I feel like this is a great way connecting and help students realize all of the similarities they have to friends diagnosed with Autism!

Just Like You – Autism

This video does a great job at explaining what Autism is. It has kids and adults talk about what it is like to have Autism first hand!

Carly’s Cafe

This video is more for a teacher or adults benefit. It is a simulation of a girl who has Autism and what she sees, hears and thinks. It shows what leads to a meltdown and why she is melting down. It is a really helpful video to really get in the head of someone diagnosed with Autism and helps you to be a better educator.