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Here is a video on how to make the pops: BANANA POPS

While on our vacation in Orlando, Florida it was well over 100 degrees PLUS humidity! It was unbelievably hot and we wanted to have something cold to cool us off! I wanted to make something somewhat healthy and decided to make some Frozen Banana Pops! My family was SO happy that I made this delicious dessert 🙂 It was cold, crunchy and delicious! The perfect cold treat for a super hot day!

The virtual recipe is in video form on the above link that says BANANA POPS. If you prefer a written step by step recipe, check out the written directions below 🙂


Ingredients: You will need bananas (one banana makes 3 pops), Bakers Melts (or regular chocolate) and candies of your choice (I used Oreos, Peanuts and M&Ms)!

1. Crunch up those candies! I put my candies in a zip block bag and crunched them up!


I created a fun spread so everyone could decide what toppings they wanted on the bananas!


2. Slice the bananas! I sliced the bananas into 3 pieces.


3. Melt your chocolate. I bought the pre-packaged Bakers Candies melts. I placed the melts into the microwave in the microwave safe bowl. I repeated the process of heating on high for 30 seconds and then stirring with a spoon until the chocolate was fully melted.

4. Then dip your banana into the chocolate and then dip into your topping!

5. Place your candy covered banana on a plate (if you are using sticks place them into the center of the bananas at this time)

6. Place the plate into the freeze for at least 10-15 minutes

7. Take them out of the freezer and ENJOY!