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Bath Salt Favors

When planning a bridal shower and choosing party favors, we all want to find new and fun gifts for our guests! What better way to show thanks and gratitude for your guests attending your bridal shower, than making your OWN PARTY FAVORS. Your guests are showering you with amazing gifts, it is time for them to be showered with amazing favors! For my bridal shower, we decided to shower our guests with relaxing, wonderfully scented, BATH SALT FAVORS.

Bath Salt Favors

Bath Salts!

There are so many different ways to make bath salts and various directions and measurements for all the ingredients. The great thing about making your own bath salts is that really you can make the recipe your own!! Which is exactly what we did!! Going into this, I knew we had a large bridal shower guest list, so I knew we were going to be making about 95 bath salt party favors! I have to say, it was a fun time making these with my sister, 2 cousins, and my friend. We had a set up line and stations so each of us took on a roll of making the favors.

First things first. Before you begin making your bath salts, here is the list of materials that you need.


*4 oz. crystal jelly jars- quilted- with lids and bands: We purchased ours from amazon in sets of 12

                                              * Labels for the lid and the container: We purchased ours from- www.evermine.com (definitely would recommend this site)

                  —  Label for top of jar:               

 From the Bride’s shower, to Yours!  

 —  Label for side jar:  

 Bath Salts    

Add this jar to a hot bath and soak

*4lb bag Epsom Salt (Each bag can fill about 15-20 4oz jars)Epsom Salt

*Liquid Oil: Vitamin E (you can use other various liquid oils of your preference) Vitamin E Oil

*Fragrance Oil: We used the grapefruit blush scent Fragrance Oil

*Liquid Soap Colorant (of your choice) Liquid Color

*Baking SodaBaking soda


*Large Bowl for mixing

*Measuring scale

Once you have all your materials, you are ready to begin!!

Step 1: Pour your epsom salt into the large mixing bowl

Step 2: Pour 9 oz of baking soda into the bowl (this will help bind all the ingredients together)

Step 3: Place 10-15 drops of the Vitamin Liquid Oil (you may add more if you would like for more emphasis on the liquid oil)

Step 4: Place 5-7 drops of the fragrance oil into the bowl (you may add less or more to your liking to enhance or decrease the scent) 

Step 5: Place 5-10 drops of the liquid soap colorant (this is also something you can add more or less depending on how dark or light you want the color to be)

Step 6: mix together with your hands. Don’t be afraid to get a little dusty. Prepping

Step 7: Once you smell the greatness and feel that the mixture is all mixed and combined together, you may pour them into your 4oz mason jars.

HINT: If you already place the labels on prior to making the bath salts, make sure your top lid is aligned properly to your bottom container and then twist the lid closed tightly.

Step 8: ENJOY & don’t be afraid to make it your own!!! Have fun! 🙂 

Bath Salt        Bath Salt Lid

Bath Salt Favors