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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Shower

Breakfast At Tiffany's Shower

For my bridal shower my family planned an AMAZING shower! What is better than a BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S SHOWER? 

If you haven’t caught on from my other posts, I LOVE theme parties!!! They planned every detail for this theme perfectly from having the guests wear black dresses and pearls to a life size cut out of Audrey Hepburn!!


photo 3

The Hershey Kisses had “Kristen & Co.” on them!

photo 2

These Tiffany box centerpieces are easy DIY! All you need is a bundle of white flowers, beaded ribbon (from Michael’s), square vases and a block of foam to put on the inside of the vase. We used hot glue to place the ribbon on the vases. The ribbon is very easy to cut with scissors in order to line it up properly on the vase. Then line up the flowers and put them in the foam box. The flowers should hit so that they come up right above the vase.

photo 1

Another DIY project my family used was this cute banner! They used a pre-made chalkboard banner to write the letters for “Kristen + Mike”. They then outlined it with a fun black and white pattern scrapbook paper. Then they used a hole punch to put on the letters (I recommend putting one on each side on the top of the banner, make sure you don’t punch too close to the the top so it doesn’t rip!). Then get ribbon or yarn to loop through the holes and hang it!

photo 4

One of my favorite parts of the party was the Audrey Hepburn cut out!! It was a total hit!

Game Time:

 photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (1)

 “He Said, She Said” Game: This game was so much fun and interactive!! Each guest received a crown and a mustache on a Popsicle stick. My maid of honor read off questions and people had to guess “who said…” Some of the questions consisted of “Who said their favorite ice cream topping is sprinkles?” and “Who said their favorite thing to clean is the kitchen?” Whoever answered the most questions correctly won a prize!! The bride and groom (Mike & I) held up our props to show the guests who said what!

 photo 4 (1)

“Bingo” Game: For this game, guests wrote in their own BINGO cards on what gifts they thought I would receive! They used the cute Hershey Kisses (posted in the picture above) as square markers. They played the game as Mike & I opened gifts and whoever got BINGO first won!!!


photo 5 (1)

The favors were delicious chocolate covered pretzels from a local candy store! They were wrapped in Tiffany boxes and then wrapped in white ribbon, just like the real Tiffany stores!! They were stacked up on a table and made a great background for pictures and really made a statement at the party!!!

Dress Attire:

photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2)

One of my favorite parts of the bridal shower was the attire! Everyone wore black dresses and pearls!!

photo (3)

I even got some Tiffany themed nails!!!

Some of My Favorite DIY Gifts from my Family & Friends:

photo 2 (1)

Bridal Cake made from towels! (Thanks Jenn!)

photo 3 (2)

Wine Basket with “Firsts” for the Bride & Groom (i.e. First Baby, First Anniversary, First Valentine’s Day)

Thank you to my mom and sisters for planning such an amazing shower with amazing ideas!!!!

  • This is adorable!

    • kmdzie2

      Thank you!!! It was so much fun!