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Sunscreen Favorites

We know that we are in the middle of summer but that doesn’t mean we can start slacking on our sun protection routines. I know sometimes I start to think “Oh, I have a base tan, I’m done with sunscreen“. It’s key to keep up with a solid routine of protecting your skin and sensitive…

Argan Oil Beach Wave Spray

Don’t waste your time and money searching for the perfect beach wave spray. Make your own! Use our recipe to create an Argan Oil spray to create those natural summer waves that you’ve been wanting! Argan oil is high in Vitamin E and it is a non-greasy oil for hair. It works very well on…

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I know it, you know it… your makeup brushes probably haven’t been washed in awhile. I know I haven’t washed mine in quite awhile and tonight seemed like the perfect night to do exactly that. You really only need 3 things. Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, olive oil, and luke warm water. The olive oil…