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Summer Night Blend

Time to sleep after a day in the sun? Try this relaxing blend in your diffuser. I love to start this blend about an hour before I go to sleep. Sometimes a relaxing scent is what you need to get you settled and rested before bedtime. Get your diffuser ready for this night time blend….

Fresh Summer Air Essential Oil Blend

  After awhile, the air conditioning in my house starts to make me sleepy and the air gets stale. This is one of my favorite essential oil blends to make in my diffuser. It helps create a nice, delicate fragrance throughout the house. It replicates the fresh summer air outside! Whatever diffuser you use at…

Peace-Out Pests Essential Oil Blend

When I was bringing in the garbage and recycling cans today, I noticed a nasty odor coming from the blue garbage can. I knew that if I didn’t take care of it today, it would only get worse! I decided to take on the absolutely DISGUSTING task of using blue Dawn dish soap and the…