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Centerpieces for Summer


After getting married in 2015 we bought a beautiful new house! Obviously being a newly married couple with a new house, we are on a limited budget! I am a girl who loves her house looking nice and wants everything perfect, however, being on a tight budget I can’t go decorating everything in the house! Therefore, I have found that easy little projects like making a beautiful centerpiece makes a huge statement! I LOVE coming up with new centerpieces, especially for my kitchen (the heart of my home)! I rely a huge deal on my friend Jenn who is a professional floral designer! I will be frequently adding some of the designs Jenn & myself come up with throughout summer- so be sure to check them out!! Who doesn’t love a fun floral centerpiece??

Mixed Bottles Centerpiece:

photo (1)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this centerpiece and it was so easy to put together! I was lucky enough to find this amazing vase at Pottery Barn for only $28.00 on sale (Bonus- I also had a gift card!). A cheaper way is to make this vase would be by collecting bottles or small flower vases and lining them up to one another (I will post a DIY version in the future). Be sure to collect different size bottles so they have a range of height, they do not need to match! Then all I did was buy a bushel of mixed green and white flowers ($8 at Jewel), you don’t need many flowers! I just took 2-3 stems for each vase and cut them at different heights! This is one of my favorite vases!!


Here is a very simple way of reusing your party centerpieces! After a recent party, I just couldn’t throw away my flowers, but I had to throw away the pineapples that they were in. I searched around the house after a party and found these simple mason jars! So easy and so cute! Just search your house for old bottles, jars, etc!

photo 18  photo 19

Tropical Centerpieces:

photo (6)

My friend Jenn put these centerpieces together for a shower, however I think all three of these together or separated would make super cute centerpieces and make you feel like your at the beach! The small shell centerpiece would be great for the bathroom or as an accent piece (if you decide to use it alone). All she used was a small square vase and filled it with sea shells. You can collect shells at your favorite beach, or go to your local craft store and buy them! The second centerpiece is a taller glass vase filled with sand and topped off with beautiful sea shells! I love the twine ribbon with the star fish (again, you can buy materials at your local craft store). The best part about these sand centerpieces is that they will last FOREVER!!! The third and super fun piece is the pineapples! Pineapples are so in for centerpieces right now! Who doesn’t love this fun piece? Jenn took a pineapple and cut the center out and filled it with beautiful flowers! 🙂

Pineapple Crazy: 

photo (2)

Here is another fun pineapple piece if you are thinking of going tropical on your decor! This centerpiece was also done by Jenn and she did amazing!! A perk about this piece is that it will last a long time and will look cute just about anywhere, entryway, bathroom, etc! I also love how she complimented the piece with gold starfish! So cute! The top of the pineapple centerpiece is exactly what I just said, it is the top of a pineapple!! She put the piece in a fun white wavy dish to get that tropical feel! So fun!

Lantern Decor:

photo 1

I reused these beautiful lanterns from my wedding! Why not?! You can buy these lanterns from Pier 1 Imports. When I bought them they were on sale $10-12! You can really do this with any lantern, they have a lot of cute ones at almost any home store that you go to! I bought the candles on Amazon (Amazon Prime is the best!), they are battery lit so you do not have to worry about the dripping or catching on fire! Safety first 😉 I then bought accents to put around them (again you can buy these almost anywhere), I try to buy them at the end of season so they are on clearance. I bought mine from Kohl’s at the end of Spring! These are so easy to put together and look amazing on your porch, entryway or by the fire place! 🙂

photo 3