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Community Helpers


COMMUNITY HELPERS is one of my favorite units in my class!! We have a lot of fun engaging activities that get my kids excited and learning!! My unit lasts about 2 weeks, this year it went a little over the 2 weeks 🙂

For extra practice check out our community helpers file folder freebies HERE

“HELPERS” this year included: Doctor, Policeman, Cook, Garbage Man, Dentist, Fireman and Mail Carrier!!

                                               photo 1 (4) photo 2

We started the unit with this AWESOME flip book!! I found this FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers. It was a great start to the unit. I took all of the kids pictures and put them on top of the flip books (the kids and staff really got a kick out of this project!). For my students who have poor fine motor skills, we simply scribbled to color using adapted utensils and some of my even lower kids used bingo dotters! My higher students traced the sentences and colored. I REALLY LOVED how they turned out!! Along with the flip books I went on youtube and found short clips/songs for each occupation. We went over each page, the kids would color and then we watched the video for that activity.


Our first community helper was a doctor. For the doctor we watched a video again on the doctor.

We were inspired by the Patient Sheets on this Kinder-Pages website. We did pretend play as a group. I ordered this cute affordable doctor bag from Amazon to use for pretend play (YES I buy way too much for exciting lessons)! Click the picture below to purchase this kit on Amazon.

I went over each of the doctor tools and had the kids practice (pretend play).

We then made these cute doctor bags. I went down to the school nurse and asked her for these materials (something “free”!). They turned out great, were hands on AND they were real items.

photo 1 (1)  photo 2 (2)  photo 3 (2)

All you need for the doctor bag is black construction paper (I just cut them out to have them in the shape I wanted). Then I printed a hospital sign off of Board Maker (you can get one anywhere!). I collected the following items from the school nurse (you can choose other items depending on what is available to you): band-aids, gauze, cotton balls, Q-Tips and strep sticks.

P.S. I created a display of each occupation in the hallway, it’s always nice to show off a little with what the kids are doing! I am proud of them!!


photo 1

Learning about Cooks was by far one of my favorite activities!! We started out with a fun activity where the kids made their own chef hats! They look a lot harder to make than they look!! The kids loved wearing the hats and seeing my wear the hat 🙂

 photo 3


Materials: White tissue paper, construction paper, glue, scissors and staples


1. Have the student pick out the color construction paper

2. Fold the construction paper and cut it in half (long ways)

3. Staple the halves together and then measure the students head around and then staple to size to student

4. Glue the top inside rim of the hat

5. Paste the 4 corners of the tissue paper (Picture a clock, past at 12, 3, 6 and 9)

6. Fold in the remaining paper into the hat

7. Use your hand to puff out the hat for that Chef look!

TRUST ME, it is a lot easier than it sounds!!!

English Muffin Recipe:

Materials: Toaster Oven, aluminum foil, English muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and any other toppings


1. Give the students a half an English muffin

2. Have the students spread pizza sauce onto the muffin

3. Have students sprinkle cheese on top of the pizza sauce

4. Have students choose any other toppings

5. Take Toaster Oven pan and place aluminum foil on top. Place mini pizzas onto the pan, place into the toaster oven

6. Cook in oven at 375 degrees until cheese melts

ENJOY!!! Kids love these!


photo 3 (1)

We made these cute police cars & played Red Light, Green Light!!! It is such an easy game to play and is a fun learning experience!! I have kids with very limited physical mobility and had my classroom aides push their chairs and they had a blast to! This game works for everyone!!

Garbage Man

photo 4 (1)

We made these cute little recycling trucks!! It was great fine motor for ripping and gluing the tissue paper “trash” and we got to practice our shapes!! For our activity we practice throwing away garbage and for my higher level kids we sorted garbage and recycling materials.


                                     photo 4   photo 5 (1)

Learning about the dentist was one of my FAVORITE days. I bought these giant teeth at Lakeshore Learning, totally worth it! The kids had so much fun brushing the teeth with the huge tooth brush. I then passed out a picture of a tooth (The tooth was discolored) and toothbrushes. I gave each student “toothpaste” (a mixture of white paint, silver glitter and shaving cream). MAKE SURE you explain to your kids that they cannot put it in their mouth. The kids then “brushed” the tooth until it was white and looked clean. I also had the kids practice brushing their teeth for real.

Please feel free to share ideas of things you have used in your classroom!!!