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Minty Puppy Chow Shamrock Mix

I decided to venture off and try a new cooking activity in my class and it ended up being one of my favorite desserts! Let’s be real…..everyone loves puppy chow! You just can’t go wrong! Well this minty puppy chow took it to a whole new level! We made this in my class for St….

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can never say no to a sweet delicious treat of tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies. When you come home to your mom baking and you smell a delicious fresh batch of cookies baking in the oven as a young child was the best. Now it’s our turn to start baking cookies for your own family…

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Chocolate Fluff

CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE! Oh hey – did I catch your attention? This Chocolate Fluff is your dream dessert that will feed your chocolate cravings! For Super Bowl Sunday my husband and I made the big “hike” and went downtown to our friends condo to watch the big game. Every year they have a “dip” competition instead of…

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Easy No Bake Oreo Cookie Balls

Not only do I love making desserts for all different types of special occasions, but I am always looking for new dessert ideas. This is definitely one of my top favorite easy desserts to bring to a friends house, celebration, work event, holiday, birthday, or any other special occasions. An easy recipe that you don’t…

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S’mores Pudding Jars

I love all of the flavors you get when eating S’mores! The ooey gooey marshmallows, the rich melted chocolate and the crunchy graham crackers make a great combination! I decided to make a twist on old fashion s’mores with my S’mores Pudding Jars! These jars are a cold refreshing treat that are perfect for the summer…

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Here is a video on how to make the pops: BANANA POPS While on our vacation in Orlando, Florida it was well over 100 degrees PLUS humidity! It was unbelievably hot and we wanted to have something cold to cool us off! I wanted to make something somewhat healthy and decided to make some Frozen Banana Pops!…

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There is nothing better than making ooey-gooey S’mores on a hot summer night by the campfire! I was craving this delicious dessert while on vacation in Orlando, Florida! Unfortunately, we did not have a fire pit to roast marshmallows and it was just way too hot! We decided to go with the next best thing,…

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Oreo Milkshake

Who doesn’t love an ice cold milkshake on a hot summer day? I LOVE making homemade milkshakes and so does my family! This easy milkshake only takes about 3-5 minutes to make and tastes SO good! My first job was working at a local Ice Cream place, so trust me when I say I can…

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Easy as Pie

PIE, PIE, PIE, I LOVE PIE! 🙂 IT’S EASY AS PIE!? Seriously though, when it comes to a true homemade pie, there is a whole lot of work that goes into it! With that said- I am excited to share some pie recipes with you that are so delicious & super easy! In this post…

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SUMMER LOADED CORN SALAD with Corn, Avocado, Tomato and Cucumber

I don’t know about you, but summer is busy! It is full of BBQ’s, gatherings with family and friends, graduation parties, birthdays and more! I am always looking for something that is simple to make and something that will feed a crowd! I always see different salads on Pinterest that I like, but this year…

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Grillin’ Up Fruits

Grilled Fruit sounds kind of crazy, right? When I first heard the concept of grilling fruit, I thought it sounded very odd. However, I wanted to see for myself! I set out on our Father’s Day BBQ to try grilling different fruits and my family was very happy that I did!! We had a feast of…

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Whole 30 White Chicken Chili

Check out this Whole 30 white chicken chili. This recipe is one of those quick crock pot meals you can prep the night before and toss in the slow cooker before you begin your day.   Ingredients: 2 lbs chicken breasts 2 large Japanese sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped into chunks) – – available at…

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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders

This easy Buffalo Chicken Sliders recipe is perfect for any occasion. I have made it for parties, game days, dinners, and much more. You can’t get enough of these sliders, you’ll be asking for more. The recipe is so simple, that you will want to make it for dinners more often! Just place the ingredients…

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Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

This buffalo chicken grilled cheese is a quick and easy dinner. I would highly recommend making the buffalo chicken with sweet potatoes and follow it up with some grilled cheese leftovers. This meal doesn’t take long AND doesn’t require many ingredients at all! Before you begin, check out my buffalo chicken recipe here . Ingredients: shredded buffalo…

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Spicy White Chicken Chili Crock Pot

Okay, so we all know there are so many different ways that you can make chili with different ingredients, meats, etc. This recipe is for the daring ones that enjoy spicy foods. This chili has a very nice kick of spiciness with every spoonful of chili you eat. This recipe is very simple and easy…

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Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

Simple. Fast. Delicious….. and….. HEALTHY! Check out this buffalo crock pot dinner. It’s a great meal to kick off your week. It’s a healthy recipe that fills up the whole family AND there’s usually leftovers if you want a little something to bring to work the following day. I’m usually not big on buffalo sauce/…

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Pierogi Dinner

This is my favorite quick & easy dinner recipe. The homemade sauce is amazing and this dinner took 30 minutes from prep to table. It is yummy, simple, and definitely a big hit in my house! Here’s what you need: 1 package of Pierogi dash of salt 1 cup diced tomatoes (I used 2 roma…

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Vegetables and Avocado Chicken Salad

This is a perfect simple recipe to add some flavor to your dinner salad. INGREDIENTS: -1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil (for vegetables) -3 tsp of extra virgin olive oil (for chicken) -1/2 cup of onions -1/2 cup of red peppers -1/2 cup of green peppers -1 tsp of salt -1 tsp of pepper…

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Tips for Maintaining a Gluten-Less Diet

Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle Some people go on a gluten free diet because they want to lose weight and if this is your case then this article will probably not be beneficial to you. If you truly have gluten intolerance or suspect that you might, then I hope that these rules and guidelines will help…

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