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Daily Grooming in a Life Skills Classroom

As a multi-needs teacher, I incorporate a lot of life skills topics into our everyday schedule! One important part of our day is grooming. My class works on grooming after lunch everyday. We have a very organized system so that it is easy for everyone and something that we can do in a timely manner.

To start, every student has a bin. I bought these bins from the Dollar Tree. I like that they are easy for students to open. In the begging of the school year I add all of their grooming supplies to their supply list. I ask for a toothbrush, hair brush/comb and any hair products they prefer (i.e. hair gel).

In addition, I request small dixie cups for kids to wash out their mouths. I also picked up mirrors from the dollar store so that students can see their faces close up.

In the bathroom I have our grooming schedule displayed. I also have a schedule attached to a clip board so that students with limited reach can utilize it.

Each student moves the picture from green to red as they finish each task. I have elementary age students so our schedule is: brush teeth, wash hands, wash face and brush hair. For “washing face” I use disposable paper towels to avoid germs! Also, we do not have a washing machine!

I posted a “prompt hierarchy” next to the schedule. I leave this up to remind staff and myself to fade prompting  and to increase student independence. I put these up all over my classroom.

Get the link to our free prompting hierarchy below!


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