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Do you have high end taste but do not want to break the bank? Try out these fun bookends that look adorable and are totally high class looking without the price tag! There are SO many ways you can do this, but here is the dollar store way! Check out how I made these below!

First of all, this project requires using spray paint – so this is only for adults! Also, you are going to want to find a safe place to use the spray paint (I used my garage). Safety comes first so please follow these guidelines 🙂

So lets get crafting! Here are the supplies that you will need to make your fabulous bookends!

 You can get all of these supplies (except for the spray paint) at The Dollar Tree!

You will need: 

Flowers – I bought my flowers at The Dollar Tree in the fall. They change up their flower selection seasonally. I went with more neutral colors so that I do not have to change them every season, however, if you want to change up the flowers with the rest of your holiday decor, I think it would look amazing!

Rocks – In the floral section they had bags of this rock filler for $1. I bought 1 bag for each bookend that I made. The rocks are essential because that is going to serve as your weight for the bookend. You obviously do not want your books falling all over the place on the bookshelf!

Vase(s) – At the dollar store they have tons of choices of vases to choose from. I went with a simple round and tall vase for my look. Get something that will go with the rest of your home decor!

Spray Paint – I picked up my gold spray paint at a local home improvement store. You can get spray paint at many different places so go wherever you would like (I highly recommend going where you can use a coupon!). When you are finished store your spray paint in a safe place, who knows what other projects you can make with it again!?

Newspaper – When spray painting you will want to put the newspaper down for easy clean up!

Floral Cutters – Buying these are not a waste, trust me! Once I bought my first pair there was no going back. I don’t think twice about buying flowers and attempting beautiful arrangements! You will not regret it!

So lets get this craft party started! 

The first thing you will need to do is spray paint. Lay down your newspaper in a safe place (preferably outside for safety). Try not to do this craft on a windy day like I did! I had paint all over my crafting clothes. When crafting with anything requiring paint, I always wear my “go to” painter clothes (crafting clothes). Okay, back to the craft. Lay your vases upside down and spray them over the entire visible surface. Once that dries flip them over and lightly spray the top. I also sprayed the inside because I am a perfectionist, but it is totally up to you and does not make a difference.

Once my vases were done drying I started to put my bookends together. I had fast drying spray paint so my vases dried really quickly.

Making the bookends pretty is the best part! Pour in the rocks and then arrange your flowers how you would like them. You can use floral cutters to cut the flowers apart and down to size as needed! The closer you cut the flowers down to the vase, the more full of a look you will get. Play around with it and see what you like!


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