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DIY CURTAINS, Covering the Clutter

Ask yourself…..

Are your students constantly taking things off of the shelves? Are they distracted by new or favorite items on the shelves? Are you struggling to make your classroom get that homey feel? Are your shelves organized but still look cluttered? If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, I have the perfect solution! Make these super cute covers for your furniture/cubbies and solve many problems with one easy solution!

Classroom curtains not only eliminate distractions and clutter, but they also create that homey feel!

First and foremost….. I don’t know about you but these 2 pictures drive me CRAZY for 2 specific reasons….

1. My students will come and grab things off of both shelves as they please and become very distracted by them.

2. (specifically the second picture) I am missing bins….so even though they are organized…they drive me CRAZY to look at!

By creating curtains you are not only limiting distractions and helping your students focus on what your are working on, but you are also creating a more comforting classroom environment!

With all of that said….let’s find a solution and make some curtains. You can make them 2 different ways….you can make them using a sewing machine if you have one or you can use hot glue!

The first thing that you will need to do is pick some fabric. REALLY REALLY think about the fabric you choose. Fabric is not super cheap (always use a coupon!). You want to make it once and not have to replace it! The best part about it is that you can bring it home and wash it if it gets dirty.

IMPORTANT! Alright, so you are going to go to the store and be completely overwhelmed by adorable patterns. As cute as they are try to stay focused! You do not want to get a pattern that has a specific character or item. Go with a fabric that is cute but also more basic with some kind of pattern…I went with polka dots. Also, go with colors that will match almost any theme, just in case you change your classroom theme often. I chose polka dots because the fabric is fun and cute, however it is not super distracting and it is something I can use year after year with any theme!

For the curtains, you will need fabric, a sewing machine OR hot glue, pins, iron, ruler and velcro.

Take out your fabric, ruler and pins. Cut your fabric leaving an extra 1/2 inch on each side based on the size of the cabinet/cubby you are covering. Fold the side in a 1/2 inch and pin it. Measure, fold and pin along all of the sides.

I suggest sewing each side, however, if you are looking for something more simple, hot glue along the pins.

Once you are done sewing (or gluing), take an iron and iron out each side.

Once your edges are done, take your velcro and sew a strip of velcro along the top side of your curtain. You can also use your hot glue again. I usually just flip my curtains up so I am not constantly pulling on the velcro.

Truth: In emergency “covering situations” I have stapled velcro to the fabric and attached.

Once you have one side of the velcro attached, attach the other side to your shelf. My velcro sticks right onto the surface and I never have a problem with it sticking.

HOORAY! You are done and your room is hopefully looking better and better!

Curtains have changed my classroom for the better and I can’t get over how good they look and how much of a difference they make!