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These glamorous DIY GLITTER WINE GLASSES are bound to make a statement at your next event! Keep reading to learn how to make these glitter wine glasses and have your guest/friends in AWWW without breaking the bank! This is my favorite dollar store DIY project!

Are you looking for the perfect shower gift, bachelorette party favor, birthday gift or need something for your next girls night!? These super fun glitter wine glasses are perfect for many occassions! They are REALLY easy to make and always put a smile on your guests faces! You can make these in any color you like and the best part is that they are super cheap to make without looking cheap!! 🙂

SUPPLIES YOU NEED: Wine glasses ($1.00 each), glitter, Mod Podge, sponge brush (fat paint brush) and newpaper (easy clean up). Read under each item below for where I bought the supplies and how much I paid for them.

WINE GLASSES – I paid a WHOPPING $1.00 for each wine glass, YES $1.00! They are great quality and will not let you down. Yes, they are glass and look like any other wine glass. I was SO excited when I found these beauties for so cheap! You can also buy other glasses at the Dollar Store if wine is not your thing (i.e. martini glasses). Another option might be to make candle holder out of regular glasses, just put a votive or battery lit candle (you can buy this at a dollar store as well!). Have I mentioned that I LOVE the dollar store?

Another one of my favorite finds was this Mod Podge. It is not your average Mod Podge – it is DISHWASHER SAFE! Who knew they made such a thing? I found this fabulous dishwasher safe Mod Podge at Michael’s. You will be shocked at how many different types of Mod Podge exist. I bought this wonderful product for around $5.00 and used a 40% off coupon, so it was around $3.00! You only need one jar of it and I had a ton left over after making 10 glasses.

Last and the most fun, GLITTER! They have glitter at the dollar store, however, I picked up these great glitter boxes at Michael’s for $1.o0. You can use any kind of glitter as long as it is small and not the big dot kind.

NOW FOR THE FUN PART! How do you make these glasses?

ONE. Wash your wine glasses. This will allow your glasses to hold the Mod Podge more efficiently.

TWO. Place your glasses on newspaper to make for easy clean up later (trust me, you will be happy that you did! ;)).

THREE. Get your Mod Podge and paint brush. place a good coat of Mod Podge on each glass. Do one glass at a time because the Mod Podge dries quickly. Paint it on smooth, you do not want your glasses looking chunky!!!

FOUR. Coat your glass in glitter!

FIVE. Let it try for an hour or so. Watch some Netflix, make some coffee, you know, wait.

SIX. Put another coat of Mod Podge on the wine glass.

SEVEN. Coat your glasses with another layer of glitter.

EIGHT. Watch some more Netflix, wait again (about an hour).

NINE. When the glass is completely dry put on one last layer of Mod Podge.

TEN. Wash after it is dry (wait a day or so for it to fully dry – we want perfection!).

I recommend hand washing to keep the glasses in great condition, but if you are feeling rebellious, go for the dishwasher! 🙂

ENJOY! Fill up your cute new glass with some wine OR if you are giving as a gift you can add some tissue paper, a small bottle of wine and/or maybe even some candy 🙂

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