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I am a firm believer it positive messages to motivate you throughout the day and these cute dollar store inspirational frames are the perfect way to motivate you throughout the day in your home, office or classroom! You can also give these as card or gifts for someone who is having a bad day/week/month/year…..you get the gist! They were so easy to make and best of all they cost a little over a dollar to make! You can make them in your style and write whatever message you like. The most fun part about using dry erase markers is that you can change up the quotes/reminder notes. Another way of using these is to use it as a “To-Do” list. I am sure your significant other or children would love seeing reminders/to-do lists for them on these fun boards! So get your inspiration on and learn how to DIY these cute frames!


SUPPLIES YOU NEED: picture frames from the dollar store, scrapbook paper (any craft store for about 50 cents), spray paint (I chose gold – this step is for only adults 18 and older) and a dry erase marker!

These are pretty straight forward to make. Take out the glass/plastic from the picture frame. If you plan on spray painting your frame (i.e. like my gold one below), lay out some newspaper in your garage or in a safe place and spray the outside of the frame. Make sure you spray the back after the front dries.

Next, pick out your scrapbook paper. Take the glass/plastic part of your picture frame and trace around it on the scrapbook paper with a pencil (make sure you trace on the backside of the paper to avoid pencil marks). Cut out the lines on your scrapbook paper.

Then put your frame back together, take your dry erase marker and write your favorite quote!

My absolute favorite inspirational quote is “Today is a Good Day to Have a Good Day!”



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