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Ham & Turkey Sandwich Roll Ups

My mom has been making these ham & turkey sandwich roll ups since I was a little kid. This was always a perfect quick snack for us to grab while playing, doing things around the house, or when hosting or going to a party. Ever since my mom showed me how to make these, I find these sandwich roll ups to be the perfect, easy & simple recipe for any party I go to or host. Not only is it affordable, but it is so quick to make. You can make it the night before or 30 minutes before your party. Your choice!

What is great about this recipe is that you are able to create your own with various vegetables, topping, cheeses, meats, etc. Below is the recipe that I use to make them, but remember you can change or add any of your own favorite vegetables/meats to make your own favorite sandwich rolls.


-1 loaf of French Bread- (pick out the most fresh bread that is still soft- it is easier to cut and roll up & is less likely to break apart when cutting)

-Container of Cream Cheese- 7.5 oz ( I used the garden vegetable flavor. You can choose the flavor of your choice)

-Slices of Turkey Breast & Slices of Ham (I ordered a 1/2 a lb of each but only used about 5-6 slices of each and then saved the rest for my weekly lunch sandwiches.

-Red Pepper- 4-5  cut slices

-Pickle- 4-5 cut slices



1. Take your french bread and cut it in half

2. Cut the bread down the middle (if your bread is softer, it usually does not bread down the middle as you see in the photo. My bread was a little more dried out)

3. Take out some of the extra bread to make more room for your toppings

4. Spread the cream cheese on both sides of the bread


5. Add your turkey, or ham, or both. I usually make one have with the turkey and one have with the ham to give everyone a variety of sandwiches.

6. Cut up your veggies

7. Add the veggies to the sandwich rolls

8. Begin to roll your sandwich roll ups

9. Roll up the sandwich rolls in foil

10. Place in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

11. Once you are ready to serve, cut up your rolls into small pieces. Place on a serving platter and enjoy!!!!