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How to Paint Your Baseboards White

Father's Day Weekend

Interested in painting your wood baseboards/trim white? As I began remodeling my bathroom, I thought about ways that I can update and change the way the bathroom look drastically (in a good way). I was inspired by many pinterest posts and pictures of painting wood trim and baseboards white. So I thought, let’s give it a try.  The baseboards turned out awesome!!! I do have to admit, it was important to make sure that the prepping, preparation, and taping before you start painting your baseboards/trim is done correctly and precisely.

Here’s what you need to get started on painting your baseboards:

1. Painters tape

2. Tarp or a type of covering for your floors

3. A trim paintbrush (if your not sure of what kind to get, check out this site for more information on the paintbrush that will be best for your painting–> Sherwin Williams Painting Brush Styles)

4. White Primer (you can choose a primer of your choice depending how much you want to spend)- I used BEHR all in one primer and sealer

5. BEHR Premium, Ultra Pure White Hi-Gloss Enamel

6. Caulking- I used Painter’s Acrylic Latex Caulk

7. Painting Tray

Here’s the How To:

  1. Take your painter’s tape and begin placing the tape along the bottom of the baseboards. You want to make sure that the tape is even with the floor and the baseboard, because once you start painting you don’t want the paint to drip through or paint the floor. Make sure there is no gap between the baseboard and floor when placing the painter’s tape.

2. What I did then, was tape down the tarp with an additional layer of painter’s tape to make sure no paint will fall to the floor. ( you can skip this step you if you want to- but be very careful when handling the paint around the floor boards.


3. Pour your primer into a painting tray.

4. Take your paint brush and beginning painting your baseboards. make sure you have an even coat when painting your baseboards.


5. Wash your paint brush when you are down with cold water. You do not want your paint to dry on your paint brush. If you use a reusable painting tray wash that immediately as well. If you use disposable ones, pour the remaining paint back into the container and throw the tray out.

6. Allow the paint to dry completely. The paint container should state how long you should wait.

7. Take your hi-gloss white paint and pour it into a painting tray.

8. Take your paint brush that is dry and begin painting the baseboards evenly.




9. Allow the coat to dry and apply a 2nd coat if needed.

10. Repeat step 5 when cleaning your materials (i.e., paintbrush, tray, etc)

11. Once the paint has completely dried, this is the step where you caulk the top of the baseboards to give you that smooth finished look.

12. When I caulk, I go from right to left to give it that clean look.

13. Use your finger to take of the extra caulk that was left on the baseboards, or wipe it of with a paper towel or cloth.




 14. When everything is completely dried, peel the painter’s tape off slowly and carefully to make sure no paint comes off.

15. Your all done! Enjoy your new white baseboards! 🙂