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How To Refresh Old Fixtures

This summer, I have been finding little projects around the house. Whether it’s painting, landscaping, organizing, I am always looking for something new to do. Well, my new project is remodeling our family’s main half bathroom. Before beginning my remodeling project, I thought of a budget and was determined to stick within the budget. A very great way to save some money is by refreshing old fixtures!!  The TRANSFORMATION of the bathroom fixtures is AMAZING!! It’s also so simple, easy, and affordable! You can’t beat that. 🙂How to Refresh Old Fixtures (1)

Here is what you need: 

  • a tarp or an area with a layer of a type of protecting material for spray painting (you can even use a garbage bag and lay it down on the ground)
  • A well ventilated and open area to spray paint your fixtures (OUTSIDE)
  • Rust-Oleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Fade Resistant Enamel Spray Paint (1 spray can was enough for my bathroom fixtures with a couple of coats)


1. First you need to take all of the fixtures that you want to spray paint and wash them with soap and water. Make sure to WASH OFF ALL the DUST and GRIME off the fixtures. This is allow for a better hold for the paint on the surface.

2. Allow time to dry

3. Once they are dry, wipe down any residue that was left from the water to create a clean smooth surface

4. Place the fixtures on the tarp or the material you are using to spray paint on


5. Make sure your fixtures have space in between them because when you begin spray painting, you will want to do one fixture at a time.

6. Take your spray paint container and follow the directions listed.

7. Most importantly, make sure your shake the container well before using, otherwise you will get small drops and may look uneven on the fixtures.

8. Begin spray painting your fixtures.





9. Allow first coat to dry. Apply a second coat. Once the 2nd coat is dried, you can decide whether you want to add another coat of spray paint or not. It is your preference and how you want your fixtures to look. I did 2 coats of spray paint.



10. You are now ready to reinstall your updated fixtures!!