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How To Take Wallpaper Off Walls

So we all can agree that taking wall paper off of you walls can be time consuming. That’s what I thought before I started taking my wallpaper off in our half bathroom too. With the proper tools and equipment, I began taking down the wallpaper and had the paper and glue off in no time!!

Little Princess

Here’s what you need:

Wallpaper steamer remover (I used the Wagner Power Steamer 705 Wallpaper Steamer Remover)

Wall sander

Wallpaper Scrapper

Spackling (I used DryDex)

The How To:

1. Take anything on your walls off.

2. Begin taking of the wallpaper. (our wallpaper came off fairly easy, therefore we did not have to use the steamer to take this layer of wallpaper off)

3. Underneath our wallpaper, there was a layer of glue. This is where we began using the wallpaper steamer take the layer of glue off.

 4. Place the steamer on the glue for up to 5-10 seconds and then use the scrapper to scrape it off the wall.IMG_5318



5. After the wallpaper and the glue are taken off, it is time to smooth out the walls.

6. Take the wall sander, and begin sanding the walls from one side to the next.


7. Once the walls are smooth, look for holes or cracks in the walls that may need to be filled.

8. Put a small layer of the spackling on the marks and smooth it out. Allow the spackle to dry. (it will turn white- I usually wait a half of a day to 24hrs depending on the mark- there will be instructions on your tub of spackling)

9. Use a small paper sander or your wall sander (depending on the size) to smooth out the hole/mark/crack.

10. Wipe down the walls with a lightly damp towel to clean the wall surface.

11. Now you are ready to prime and paint your walls!! Woo!! No more ugly wallpaper. 🙂


  • James

    The hands in these photos are amazing!