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DIY CURTAINS, Covering the Clutter

Ask yourself….. Are your students constantly taking things off of the shelves? Are they distracted by new or favorite items on the shelves? Are you struggling to make your classroom get that homey feel? Are your shelves organized but still look cluttered? If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, I have the…

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HOW TO SET UP AN INDEPENDENT WORK CENTER FOR ANY LEVEL! Words can not describe how much I love classroom organization, especially with centers! Having an organized, quick and worry free center reduces the stress of everyday planning! I pre-set all of these bins and switch them randomly. It is always fun to change up…

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Community Helpers

COMMUNITY HELPERSĀ is one of my favorite units in my class!! We have a lot of fun engaging activities that get my kids excited and learning!! My unit lasts about 2 weeks, this year it went a little over the 2 weeks šŸ™‚ For extra practice check out our community helpers file folder freebies HERE “HELPERS”…

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Day of Acceptance & Autism Awareness Activities

LOOKING FOR WAYS TO INCORPORATE AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH IN YOUR SCHOOL?Ā  I am ALL about incorporating the Day of Acceptance (January 20th) and Autism Awareness Month (APRIL) into my school! Below are some ideas of different things I do in my school to get everyone involved! ForĀ “LIGHT IT UP BLUE”Ā I started out the month by…

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Daily Grooming in a Life Skills Classroom

As a multi-needs teacher, I incorporate a lot of life skills topics into our everyday schedule! One important part of our day is grooming. My class works on grooming after lunch everyday. We have a very organized system so that it is easy for everyone and something that we can do in a timely manner….

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Autism Acceptance and Awareness Month

Autism Awareness & Acceptance month is a great opportunity in educate the world about Autism including both adults and children. As you may have read in previous posts (see below) I go BIG for Autism Awareness month! This year I decided to focus on making materials that other teachers can use with their classes to…

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Month of Kindness, Day of Acceptance

  Every year at my school we like to “GO BIG” for the Day of Acceptance! This year we went even bigger and dedicated the entire month to kindness. The entire school was involved in our events and it was incredible! In January every year after all of our big events take place, I really…

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Halloween Trick-or-Treating, Witch’s Brew and Pumpkin Soup

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to start getting ready for all of those trick-or-treaters! I have always LOVED Halloween and love getting into the spoooooky spirit! Growing up I always loved picking out/making my costume and going around the neighborhood with my pillowcase to collect candy! One of my favorite…

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Student Data Folders

Use student data and reflection folders to allow students to track their own data! This is a GREAT motivational tool for your kiddos! It also increases student independence! This is age appropriate for 3rd grade and up! Pick and choose the data pages from the packet that you want your students to keep track of…

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Practice for Classroom Rules

Are you looking for a new way to lock in your classroom procedures? This idea may be perfect for you and your kiddos! At the beginning of every school year we spend most of our time working with the class on mastering the procedures of both our school and our classrooms. Last year, as a…

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