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Bridesmaid Proposals

bridesmaid propsals

Coming up with a memorable way of asking my Maid of Honors (I had 2) and Bridesmaids was very important to me! I had a HUGE bridal party of 9 girls and I wanted each one of them to feel special!! I decided to make these memory boxes. I went with the boxes so that the girls could have a “memory” box to store pictures! I love gifts that are cute & PRACTICAL!!

photo 3

To start I bought the memory boxes from my favorite place, Michael’s Craft Store!! They always have deals on cute picture boxes (They were on sale for $3.00 at the time!!). I then went to Home Depot and picked up paint strips (the free samples!! I love free!!!) of the colors of their dresses I wanted them to wear. If you haven’t notices, I am OBSESSED with mint!! My wedding colors were mint & coral 🙂 On the paint strips I wrote “Be my bridesmaid?” and wrote their name & the wedding date on scrapbook paper. I also bought cute flower stickers from Michael’s and put pictures that I had with the bridesmaid that the box was for!!!

photo 4 (3)

In the boxes I put a bunch of fun goodies!! I ordered tumbler cups off of Etsy for each of the girls. I had a mint dress on each one of them and it had “Bridesmaid” written on them with their initials!!

I also had mint color nail polish (the color of their dresses), mint candies and a little note pad from Michael’s ($1)!!

I added the white crinkle paper to stuff up the box and make the boxes look pretty!!!

photo 3 (4)

As you can imagine, the girls loved their boxes!!!

Here are my Maid Of Honors (I decided to include both of my wonderful sisters)

photo 2 (5) photo 1 (5)

Here are some of my bridesmaids reactions 🙂

I cannot thank my maids for all of the help and time they put into our big day! I love you girls!!

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