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Oreo and Ice Cream Coffee Shake

Sometime’s when making yourself a cup of coffee you want to add a little sweetness. What better way to do that then to add Oreos and ice cream! This recipe is only 4 ingredients and is super quick and easy to make. It will make your regular morning cup of coffee a little sweeter and tastier.


– 2 or 2 & 1/2 cups of freshly brewed coffee (Depends on how strong of a coffee taste you want)

-4 scoops of ice cream

-6-8 Oreos

-10-12 ice cubes (depending on how hot or cold your freshly brewed coffee is)


1. Brew your fresh cups of coffee

2. Add the coffee into the blender

3. Add 4 ice cubes to begin with to cool down the coffee if it is hot.

4. Add the 4 scoops of ice cream

5. Add 6-8 more ice cubes

6. Add 6-8 oreos

7. Blend the ingredients together

8. Pour into your drinking cup of choice & Enjoy!!!