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From organizing your dresser to your jewelry, I have great home organization tips for you! I will keep adding to this post and sharing more creative ideas for organizing your home! I absolutely LOVE organizing around my house! I am one of those people who gets super excited about label makers and file folders- like Monica from Friends! There is just something about having an organized home that makes you feel good! You may drive your family crazy while organizing, but I promise you that they will love the final product! There is no better feeling than finding everything you need the minute you want to find it! 🙂



Bracelet Organizer: If your like me, you have a tendency to leave your bracelets around the house, in your purse and possibly even in the car! I can never find the bracelet that I want when I need it! I decided to take action so that I can have my bracelets organized all in one place! All you need to buy is a PAPER TOWEL HOLDER!! Go to the store and buy a paper towel holder that you like! They come in all different designs, leaving you with tons of options to find one that you like. I decided to go with a simple stainless steel from Walmart. It is was the cheaper option, but it still looks great! All you do is put your bracelets right on the holder! Helpful tip: Put your bracelets that you don’t wear often on the bottom and the ones you wear most on the top!

Necklace Organization

photo 5

 photo 4

Necklace Organizer: Again, if you are like me, you leave necklaces around the house and can never find them when you need them. They often end up on closet door knobs! Therefore, I went to the store and bought a tie hanger from Walmart! I use this tie organizer to hang my necklaces on so I can see all of my necklace options! The best part is that it has a hanger on top of it so I hang it right on my mirror.


T-SHIRT/SWEATSHIRT ORGANIZATION: I am SO excited that I decided to organize my t-shirts this way. Being a teacher and volunteer, I have tons and tons of t-shirts! They are all for different causes, events, etc so I do not want to get rid of them. Stacking them in the drawers is just not doable and takes up WAY too much room in my drawers…..and as someone who is a shopaholic, I need to come up with any way possible to save room in my dressers and closet! This trick is super easy and saves tons of room! I started by double folding them and stacking them one on top of another (the old way). Then I pick them up and hold them tight and turn them over so that they are horizontally stacked (rather than the old vertical stacking way). Then you can lay them into your drawer horizontally. I have no problem with quantities of t-shirts so they all fit in the drawer wonderfully. You might be concerned that the clothes will get messed up when you take one out but the do not if you take it out at a normal pace 😉 You can also put them in just as easily once you already have this going, just pull the pile towards you and insert the shirt in the back (kind of like a pop can holder)!

photo 1

Here is a picture of how I did this with my sweatshirts!

photo 2 (1)