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Pineapple Centerpiece


I am obsessed with these pineapple centerpieces! They turned out really cute and were SO worth the effort! We made these adorable pineapple centerpieces for our “Party Like a Pineapple” party!

These beauties are made with REAL pineapples and fresh flowers! I am by no means a florist, but I decided to attempt these myself so that I could save some $$.

Follow along to see how we made them 🙂

photo 15

For these Pineapple Centerpieces you will need: Pineapples (1 per centerpiece), a pineapple corer (I bought mine on Amazon), metallic gold spray paint, plastic water bottles (1 per centerpiece), flowers from the grocery store/florist

photo 3

1. Cut the top of your pineapple (the crown/green part)

2. Take your pineapple corer and take out the pineapple in the middle. If you need a pineapple corer, I bought mine on Amazon here: Pineapple Corer

photo 1

3. Put down newspaper or something you don’t mind getting spray paint on

4. Take your pineapple and put it upside down

photo 6

5. Spray the inside and outside of your pineapple (Safety First!- wear a mask for safety)

photo 5

6. Take a plastic water bottle and cut it in half (so it fits inside of the pineapple) and fill it with water. Once your pineapple is dried, place the water bottle in the pineapple (you don’t want the water bottle to show from the side).

photo 9

photo 8

7. Get your flowers into bouquets! I had so much fun at our local grocery store picking out the bouquets! I went and bought the flower bundles. I bought 6 bouquets, they were 3 for $12! Side story- I went to the local florist and they wanted $30 PER BOUQUET! No way! The flowers I bought were enough to make 8 pineapple centerpieces. I won’t lie, I also had so much fun putting them together and mixing the flowers!!

photo 7

The centerpieces required some work, but in the end were definitely worth it!! I hope your centerpieces turn out just as beautiful! Happy Summer!!

photo 11

***When you buy your flowers, do not be intimidated! Look for flowers that you love and do not be afraid to mix and match! I bought a ton of greens and whites as fillers and then stuck in random pinks and yellows to throw in some summer colors!! Have fun with it!***

photo 10

photo 12

photo 13