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Raspberry Beer Cocktail

It’s not every year that we get such a beautiful day in the month of February where you can sit on your back porch or go for a walk with no jacket and just a light sweater. Any opportunity to sit outside and enjoy weather like this, I will take it, especially after having such a cold winter. To enjoy this gorgeous weather, why not make yourself a fresh new outlook on your everyday beer. When I think of spring, the beer that comes to mind is a Corona. So to give it a little twist, I decided to add just a few fresh cut up fruits, and a homemade raspberry syrup (which you can buy at your local grocery store as well). This recipe is taken from my mom. My mom is not a big fan of plain beer, so to give it a fruitier taste she takes her homemade raspberry syrup that she made from our own grown raspberries from the garden, and adds just a little bit to make the drink fruity and delicious. For this recipe you just need 3 ingredients along with your choice of mug or cup for your drink.


– Beer of your choice (I used corona)

-Raspberry syrup

-Fresh cut raspberries and strawberries


1. Pour the beer into your cup (I used a mason jar)

2. Pour 1 or 1 & 1/2 TBSP of the raspberry syrup (depends on how sweet you like your drinks)

3. Cut up your fruit and place into the drink