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Raspberry Peach Smoothie

This raspberry peach smoothies is delicious and super easy to make. You can even prep your fruit the night before to make your mornings less work. All you need are 5 ingredients.



– 1 cup of raspberries

-2 to 3 peaches

-5-6 ice cubes

-1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk

-a splash of orange juice




-container/cup for your smoothie (I used a mason jar)



1. Prep the fruit. Wash the raspberries and peaches.

2. Peel the peaches and cut the peaches into smaller pieces.

4. Add the 5-6 ices cubes into the blender

5. Add the 1/4 cup of almond milk & a splash of orange juice into the blender

6. Add the fruit to the blender

 7. Blend all of the ingredients together

8. Pour your smoothie into a cup and enjoy!!