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Let’s be honest! The best part of teaching is ACTUALLY TEACHING and being with our students! However, when it comes down to sitting at your desk and doing all that paperwork we all have (SEEMS NEVER ENDING!)….I like to have a clean, organized and DECORATIVE desk! Making your desk a “happy place” seems to make the dull paperwork a lot less horrible! 🙂 Here are some easy DIY decorating ideas!


photo 4 (1)


I made these super cute flower pens for my desk (I made one for my home office to!)! They are very easy and inexpensive to make and really make your office space more “homey” and cute!


– Artificial Flowers (However ever many you want to make)

– Floral Tape

– Floral Wire Cutters

– Ball Point Pens

– Glass Stones

-A vase or bucket to put the flowers in

**I purchased all of these items from Michael’s Craft Store**

photo 1


1. Cut the flowers about 1 1/2 inches down the stem using your floral wire cutters

photo 3

2. Take your ball point pen (I removed the caps, optional if you want to keep the caps- I like the look of the floral tape all the way down the pen). Hold the stem against the top of the pen and begin to wrap the floral tape around them to seal them together. I wrapped the tape around at the top a couple times to make sure it is secure.

photo 5 photo 1 (1)

3. Once you have wrapped the floral tape around the top, continue wrapping the tape all the way down the pen! I double layered the tape to make the pens look extra realistic 🙂
photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

4. Once you have completed making all of your pens, it is time to make your “plant holder”. I found a cute tin flower pot (on sale!) at Michael’s Craft Store. You can really use any type of planter or vase that you like, as long as it is the right size for your pens! Since they were on sale, I bought a few extra to make floral pens for my teacher friends and mom! It makes a great gift for anyone with a desk or even for a Mother’s Day gift!

photo 2

5. Pour in your glass vase filler beads! You can buy any color you like, I chose clear because it looks like water. You can use brown to if you have a clear vase so it looks like dirt!

6. Once your filler is in your vase/planter, add your super cute pens and YOU ARE DONE!!

photo 4 (1) photo 5 (1)

Such an easy and adorable project!!