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Strawberry Lemon Infused Tea

Well today was one hot summer day. Here’s a great way to end your hot summer Manic Monday night– with a Strawberry Lemon Infused Tea! Drink it cold with a couple of cubes of ice and you will be feeling refreshed in no time! This fruit infused tea is not only very refreshing, but simple to make with just a couple of ingredients that you have in your refrigerator to add a little spin on your everyday tea.

Manic Mondays (3)

Let’s get started! All you need for this infused iced tea is a pitcher with an infuser, a tea bag (of your choice) , 1 lemon, and 8-10 strawberries.

What is great about this infused tea is that you can use as much or as little of each of the fruits that you want. Make it your own. 🙂 


1.boil your water in a tea kettle

2.Pour your water into your pitcher

3.Place the tea bag into the pitcher and allow the tea bag to steep

4.Wash the fruits

5.Cut the strawberries into fourths

6.Slice the lemon and cut into fourths

7.Place the fruit into the infuser IMG_5224

8.Allow the tea to cool and place into the fridge.IMG_5225

9.Grab yourself a cup, take a couple of ice cubes, and pour yourself a refreshing glass of the Strawberry Lemon Infused Tea! 🙂IMG_5231

(You can also drink it hot if you like!)

Happy #ManicMonday!!

  • James

    What an amazingly infused drink!