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Student Data Folders

Michelle_Student Data3

Use student data and reflection folders to allow students to track their own data! This is a GREAT motivational tool for your kiddos! It also increases student independence! This is age appropriate for 3rd grade and up! Pick and choose the data pages from the packet that you want your students to keep track of each week. After having students graph their scores from any form of assessment that you would like them to include, students complete a very simple reflection. Students record the date, what went well in the week, and a goal that they would like to set for next week! This teaches students to take ownership of their work and becomes a weekly procedure. It really encourages students to discuss or ask for new ways to achieve their weekly goals as well! MORE MOTIVATION!:)

Here is a sneak peak of what the data log looks like!

Michelle_Student Data1
Another key component to this assessment tool is the reflection page! This gives students the opportunity to reflect on their scores.
Michelle_Student Data2
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 This packet includes:
-Cover page (students write in name)
– “My Math Scores” (students graph data from math assessments)
– “My Math Fact Fluency” (students record scores on weekly fluency tests which can be focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division!)
– “My Guided Reading level” (students graph their guided reading level each quarter)
– “My Reading Scores” (students graph data from reading assessments)
– “My Spelling Scores” (students graph data from spelling tests)
– “My Vocabulary Scores” (students graph data from vocabulary quizzes)
– “My ____________ Scores” (whether it may be social studies, science, religion, etc. students can use this page to fill in the blank and record assessment data!)
– “My Weekly Reflections” (students record the date and then complete reflection starter sentences!)

This product is so great in that it can be used for a variety of data recording according to students/teacher`s needs!:)