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Super Bowl Favorites

Lets be real…..the best part of the Super Bowl is the FOOD!

Who really watches the game? I know I don’t! I am all about the party and the food! We went through all of our favorite blogs and found the best recipes for the big game on Super Bowl Sunday!

We all know that the cold winter months can get a little dull and we can all get a little “cabin fever” sometimes. Lucky for us, Super Bowl Sunday comes along just in time! ¬†I love seeing family and friends for the big day and eating the most delicious food and drinks! Who doesn’t love a good party on a Sunday? Yes, Monday is always a little tough, but it is SO worth it! ūüôā

So let our list of yummy apps begin!!

  1. First and foremost, don’t forget the Buffalo Chicken Ring!! This ring is better than any boring old buffalo chicken dip and it is so easy for people to cut apart and throw on their plate! Buffalo Chicken…..anything…. is always a huge hit!

Recipe Via Pillsbury

Photo Courtesy of: Pillsbury

2. Everyone loves a good party dip! This Hot Cheesy Onion Dip is sure to go fast!

Recipe Via Wonky Wonderful 

Photo Courtesy of: Wonky Wonderful

3. Don’t forget to eat your veggies! ūüôā These individual veggie cups with ranch at the bottom are always a hot commodity and are perfect to throw on your plate! Everyone is trying to eat healthy this time of the year and this will help fulfill that!

Via Tales of 3 Teachers

4.  I guarantee these kid friendly macaroni and cheese bites are not just going to appeal to the kids! Yum!!

Recipe Via Old House to New Home

Photo Courtesy of: Old House New Home

5. Up first! Corn Dog nuggets! These amazing little bites have been a personal favorite since when I was a little kid! I remember eating these on Super Bowl Sunday and New Years Eve every year and they always went fast! So yummy!

Recipe via Lil’Luna

Photo courtesy of: Lil’ Luna

6. These classy little tortellini skewers are so simple to make and are so DELICIOUS! Just add cooked tortellini, marinated mozzarella pearls and a tomato to each skewer and you are ready for kick off! Everyone needs a little pasta in their life!

Via Tales of 3 Teachers

7. These Mini Tacos Bowls are sure to be a crowd pleasing appetizer! We love that they are individualized and easy to throw on your plate as opposed to your old fashioned taco dip!

Recipe Via Passion For Savings

Photo Courtesy of: Passion for Savings

8. ¬†Everyone loves a good Buffalo Chicken Dip, but these Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches look amazing! You can’t ever have too much buffalo chicken, right?

Recipe Via Plain Chicken

Photo courtesy of: Plain Chicken

9. Can you really go wrong with chicken wings? Rock Recipes put together a list of not 1 but 15 delicious chicken wings that all sound amazing! Which one are you going to choose?

Recipe Via Rock Recipes

Photo Courtesy of: Rock Recipes

¬†10. Don’t waste all that time making full Potato Skins Bites when you can make these potato slices! They taste just as good and take less than half the time to make! Leaving you with more time to make appetizers!!

Recipe Via I Heart Nap Time

Photo Courtesy of: I Heart Nap Time

11. These Pepperoni & Cheese Bites got me at: “Pepperoni & Cheese”! Yum!

Recipe Via I Wash You Dry

Photo Courtesy of: I Wash You Dry

12. O.M.G. These Spinach Bites are healthy (because of the spinach) and you know who doesn’t love spinach dip? Well these delicious bite size snacks are somewhat like a spinach dip, but lets face it – you can’t have TOO many dips, so make these!

¬†Recipe Via¬†Lil’ Luna

Photo: Tales of 3 Teachers

13. These sheet pan nachos are sure to put a smile on your face! Avocado, jalapenos? YUM!

Recipe Via Honey and Birch

Photo Courtesy of: Honey and Birch

14. World’s more simple & delicious BBQ meatballs! Let these meatballs sit in the Slow Cooker and have them ready just in time for the game!! I would never tell a lie, these meatballs are THE BEST! Try to save room for some other items because you will most likely want to eat the whole bowl!

These slow cooker 3 ingredient meatballs are AMAZING!

Recipe via I Heart Nap Time

Photo: Tales of 3 Teachers

15. Don’t forget the weenies! These bacon wrapped mini hot dogs are always a fan favorite! Touch down!

Recipe Via Tasty Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of: Tasty Kitchen

16. If you are a big fan of potato skins but trying to eat a little bit healthier, try these yummy sweet potato skins! Yum!

Recipe Via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Photo Courtesy of: Sally’s Baking Addiction


17. How adorable are these little Rice Krispie footballs?

Via Devine Lifestyle

Photo Courtesy of: Devine Lifestyle

18. Everyone loves chocolate covered pretzels! Make them Super Bowl themed!

Via Sarah’s Bake Studio

Photo Courtesy of: Sarah’s Bake Studio