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Watermelon Lime Margarita Sangria

It’s Manic Monday! This week I couldn’t decide on having a margarita or a sangria so I made both in one! With spring in full bloom this May, I wanted to make a little twist on the everyday Margarita/Sangria. You can never go wrong with a lime margarita so why not add some wine and…

Lemon Beer Shandy

I love trying new beers. The best part of the spring and summer seasons for me is to sit on the back porch enjoying the beautiful weather and drinking an ice cold beer with some friends. I am always looking to try new types of beers and even creating my own spin on them. This…

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

It’s not every year that we get such a beautiful day in the month of February where you can sit on your back porch or go for a walk with no jacket and just a light sweater. Any opportunity to sit outside and enjoy weather like this, I will take it, especially after having such…

Strawberry Raspberry Champagne Floats

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing night with a glass of wine or champagne to enjoy with a friend or loved one. I am always looking for a new twist to the everyday tastes of wine and champagne. Especially for those special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays, etc. This drink is a great spin…