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Green Tea Detox

Whether it is after a night out on the town, after a Super Bowl Sunday, or just because you want to try something new and refreshing, look no further! Here is a fresh, tasty tea that you HAVE to try: The Green Tea Detox.  What’s great about this drink is that you can drink it…

Power Up Summer Smoothie

I was confused about what kind of smoothie to make this morning and then I saw the fruits and veggies that were just about “ready to go” in my kitchen. Carrots, Bananas, and Peaches are actually a delicious combination, give it a try for yourself! Here are your 3 main ingredients: 4 Carrots, peeled and…

Aloe Detox Water

It’s so important to stay hydrated in the summer. This is a new spin on Aloe water that will not only help you cleanse your body from toxins but it will keep you hydrated and refreshed. I love adding a little lemon into all of my summer drinks! While this drink does help keep your…

Detox Water

Happy #Manic Monday, Everyone! Kristina and I just returned from Nashville for her bachelorette party so we are in some need of a refreshing #ManicMonday detox drink! Check this one out below… it’s great!   These are the spearmint leaves that I use from our family garden. I used about 10 leaves to give the…