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Kiwi Blueberry Mojito

Happy #ManicMonday!  Did someone say mojito? There is nothing like having a crisp drink in your hand to start off your week. This one is loaded with chunks of fruit and delicious flavors. Give it a try and make a pitcher to share with your friends, they’ll appreciate it! Ingredients: Blueberries Mint Leaves Kiwi Slices…

Spiked Arnold Palmer

Happy #ManicMonday, Everyone! Mondays are long… and sometimes rough. I hope yours wasn’t too terrible today… but… if it was, you might want to try out our Spiked Arnold Palmer drink. Yes, I drank my sample while I was making it today. It got me thinking about a couple of things one of them being…

Pomegranate Ginger Delight

Happy #ManicMonday, Everyone! I don’t know about you but I certainly have the “Back to School Blues” knowing winter break is OVER! I thought that this fun drink would be the perfect way to wind down after the 1st day back in the classroom after a two week break. This night cap drink is extremely refreshing…

Monday- Friday Smoothies

Are you ready to start your week off the right way? Here’s your guide to Monday- Friday Smoothies! It’s simple, quick, and easy. Ready, Set, Go… First, I want to show you some of my “Smoothie Extras“. I add these into smoothies that need a little more protein or sweetness. There are many different types…

Detox Water

Happy #Manic Monday, Everyone! Kristina and I just returned from Nashville for her bachelorette party so we are in some need of a refreshing #ManicMonday detox drink! Check this one out below… it’s great!   These are the spearmint leaves that I use from our family garden. I used about 10 leaves to give the…