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Looking for a way to make your week  feel a little less chaotic and a little more delicious? I can help you with that! A slow cooker is just what you need! Yes, I used to think slow cooking was a tad over rated…..BUT let me tell you, once you get into a routine with it you will be SO happy that you started!

When I first started using the Slow Cooker, I was REALLY nervous about leaving something cooking all day while I am not home. I started out with meals on a Saturday/Sunday where I could check on the meals sporadically. Now I use it so often I do not even think about it. The Slow Cooker cooks on a low heat so they are pretty safe. The area around it does not get very hot. Hope that helps.

NOW to convince you to use a Slow Cooker all of the time…

After I convince you, check out some of our simple & delicious recipes below!


1. IT’S A TIME SAVER: Let’s be honest, there is just not enough time in the day! I don’t know about you, but I am constantly looking for more ways to minimize the not so fun tasks in my day! Slow Cooker recipes typically do not require a whole lot of prep in the morning and cook all day with no work from you! This allows you to have a delicious meal waiting for you when you get home AND leaves you with some extra time to do what you want while you are not having to cook dinner! Yay!

2. EASY CLEAN UP! Another fabulous quality about cooking with your Slow Cooker is that it requires minimal clean up! Your meal is all in one pot! Less dishes AND less cooking! Less clean up means even more time for YOU! If you want almost no clean up, check out these bags on Amazon. You put the bag inside your Slow Cooker and then place your meal in the bag. When you are finished with your meal, you literally pick up the bag and toss it in the garbage. Since these bags are an extra cost, I like to save them for when I take my Slow Cooker appetizers, desserts, etc to parties! Then you do not have to worry about the mess when you leave!

3. MEAL PREP: One of my favorite parts of Slow Cooking is that it makes meal prepping SO EASY! Every Sunday I meal prep chicken for lunch that week. I literally put my recipe in the Slow Cooker (it usually takes 5 minutes) and then come back in 4-6 hours and put it in my meal prep containers! It is almost too easy!

4. LEFTOVERS FOR DAYS: I typically make 3-4 slow cooker recipes throughout the week (Sunday – Saturday). Why do I only need to make 3-4 meals when there are 7 days in a week? BECAUSE Slow Cooking leaves me with leftovers! I was never a person who was big on leftovers, however, leftovers from the slow cooker seem to last longer and taste better! I think this has to do with the next reason why I love my Slow Cooker…

5.  HEALTHY (ADIOS TAKEOUT!): I did a little research on the Slow Cooker’s health benefits and I was pleasantly surprised! Slow Cookers help food maintain more of their vitamins and minerals!

6. AFFORDABLE: When you prep your Slow Cooker meals for the week, you can make a list of what you need. This leaves more time to find coupons (if you are into that). Also, when you have a list, stick to the list! Do not given into temptation. You wrote down what you needed and stick to it! The delicious meals leave your stomach full and happy, leaving you with less temptation for snacking! In addition to all these benefits, a Slow Cooker also uses less electricity than other methods of cooking (more penny saving!)

7. SMELLS LIKE HOME: Nothing beats coming home to the amazing aroma of a home cooked meal after a long day! Seriously! Nothing beats it…

8. SIMPLE (YOU CAN’T MESS IT UP!): Another fantastic thing about slow cooking is that it is just so simple! Most recipes are just “dump” recipes! You throw in the ingredients and let the Slow Cooker do its job.

9. EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER: Slow Cooker meals cook longer at a lower heat which leaves meats and veggies nice and tender. Cooking longer at a lower heat also brings out the flavors of all the ingredients! Yum!

10. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES (Breakfast, appetizers, dessert, drinks, etc): Last but certainly not least, there are SO many different things you can make in the Slow Cooker! Breakfast casseroles, cakes, hot chocolate, chip dips, the list goes on and on!

Have I convinced you to use a Slow Cooker yet? What will you do with all of your extra time?

Find some EASY & delicious recipes below!


Try some of our simple & delicious slow cooker recipes! Here are some of them: