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Halloween Trick-or-Treating, Witch’s Brew and Pumpkin Soup


Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to start getting ready for all of those trick-or-treaters! I have always LOVED Halloween and love getting into the spoooooky spirit! Growing up I always loved picking out/making my costume and going around the neighborhood with my pillowcase to collect candy! One of my favorite memories when I was young was going to a house that always gave out warm cups of hot chocolate and hot dogs, especially on the years that is was ice cold outside! So this year I want to recreate that memory by handing out hot chocolate! Who needs plain old hot chocolate though when you can make it into Witch’s Brew or Pumpkin Soup! Here is how I made these fun trick-or-treat bags and the free printables below!



For the Pumpkin Soup I simply put hot chocolate and pumpkin Reese peanut butter cups in a treat bag with the fun poem! You can get super creative with this in any candy aisle! You can use pumpkin candies, pumpkin chocolates, you name it!



For the Witch’s Soup I put hot chocolate with candy corn (goblin teeth) and candy eyes (monster eyes). Again, you can get as creative as you want with this!







I hope you enjoy these unique trick-or-treat handouts! The kids love will love these!

Happy Trick-or-Treating to you all!!!